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Different Types of Commercial Door Locks and Their Benefits | Locksmith Holloway Different Types of Commercial Door Locks and Their Benefits | Locksmith Holloway

Locks are the counterparts to most doors, and because there are types of doors so there are different locks with different uses. This is why there are locks that work best in our home and office. Let’s take a look at the famous types of locks which we can use in our business.

1. Key Pad

Keypad locks are becoming popular for both home and office purpose. These electronic locks are helpful for a number of reasons; the main reason is they don’t necessitate keys. Moreover, with a keypad function, enter a designated code and you will be granted instant access. You can simply change the code when want to change it. The only drawback of these locks is these are a little expensive.

2. Electric Strike

These locks are used on public access doors. They make use of electronic components to unlock from a doorway. Also, these are disengaged with the use of a scan card. It can automatically lock once their associated door is closed.

3. Exit Bar

Exit bar is also known as a panic bar, is a kind of lock which fits horizontally across a door. These types of locks are seen where large amounts of people get out quickly. These locks are secure when fully locked and got an itchy trigger when disengaged.

4. Push Paddle

Having to turn a doorknob or type a key code is just inconvenient, it is much easier to push on the door and have it open. These locks are made up of a metal bar which acts as a lever and exists on just one side of a door. Just push the door to open the door.

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